2018 Legal Seminar

Location: 2018 Legal Seminar
Start Date: February 9, 2018 from 8:30AM-4:30PM
End Date: February 9, 2018 from 8:30AM-4:30PM
Speakers: Jim Ewert, CNPA General Counsel
Rick Hively, President, Wilson Gregory Agency
L. Michael Zinser, President, The Zinser Law Firm, P.C.

Program Preview

CWCMA will hold its 38th annual Legal Seminar on February 9, 2018 at the Valencia Country Club.
CWCMA is the only newspaper trade association with such a rich tradition of educating its members on key legal issues. This seminar alone is uniquely tailored to address the concerns of CWCMA members; participants can look forward to a relaxed seminar utilizing real case studies, participation, and feedback.

For the first time we have allowed the CWCMA membership to dictate the topics for the annual Legal seminar.  This was accomplished through an extensive survey of the membership which assisted the CWCMA Officers in determining pertinent themes, issues and legal landscapes/updates to be discussed.
The reoccurring response from those surveyed was the need to diversify the topics and speakers to include an encompassing legal scope of ALL aspects of Circulation and Audience including but not limited to:  Single Copy Sales/Pay By Scan, Subscriber Fees/Surcharges, Arbitration Clauses Within Contracts, Current Litigation Updates, Per Piece vs. Flat Rate Pros/Cons, Proper Contracting of Outside Sales Agents (Doors, Kiosk, Event Sales), Distribution/Distributor Contracting Tips/Tricks, etcetera

L. Michael Zinser, CWCMA General Counsel, will lead the Legal Seminar for the 38th consecutive year. With over four decades of experience representing newspapers on circulation issues, Mike is particularly qualified to conduct this meeting. Currently representing many CWCMA member newspapers, he is acutely aware of legal issues that concern newspaper executives in the Cal-West region.

Mark your calendars now! The cost of the seminar is FREE for members and 125.00 for nonmembers (includes membership). Non-members affiliated with a newspaper or allied partner company with one or more CWCMA members may attend at the discounted rate of New Membership. To register online, please visit https://CNPA.formstack.com/forms/2017legal. For further information, contact Blake Webber at 415.297.8836 or cwcma@imblake.com.

Download CWCMA Legal Seminar Agenda [PDF]